Zeta is a legendary experimental band from Venezuela, now home-based in South Florida, characterized by their atmospheric sounds and energetic native rhythms from the caribbean, accompanied by profound lyrics that speak of existence, positive consciousness, and being. 


With a musical career spanning more than a decade, since 2003 they have traveled and communicated through their art with extensive tours throughout the continent from the south to the north, visiting cities such as, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Lima, Bogota, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Austin, Chicago, New York, and more. 


The band is also known for sharing not only their art but also a positive life message, creating forums and presentations that touch on issues such as veganism, independent art, and the purpose of our DIY philosophy not only as a way to navigate the music industry but also as a positive force to change the world.

to heal through art and music is something that needs a lot of love, and if you want to love somebody first you need to love yourself, and food is the first step to loving ourselves" says Dani (Zeta's guitar player) in an interview with Audiotree (Chicago, IL).

Dani on Audiotree Link:

Renowned as “Best Metal Artist – Distorxion Awards” in 2011 and “Best International Artist Projection - Union Rock Show Awards” in 2013. Performing at important festivals such as, “The Fest 14” in Gainesville, FL in 2015, “Festival Lxs Grises Vol. 1” in Mexico City 2012, “Tijuana Zine Festival” in Tijuana 2016, "SXSW Music Festival 2017" in Austin, TX, and "Hemp Fest 2017" in Seattle, WA, “71 Grind Fest IV 2018” in Colorado Springs, CO.

The band has experienced constant success in their work and promotion of the avant-garde music scene, with more than 20 formatted physical releases from various known record labels from the Latin America indie art scene (Light and Noise Records, La Casa En La Costa, Rat Trap, etc.), you’ll find 5 full length studio albums, 3 Splits, and numerous singles.


Zeta “Magia Infinita” (2018)

Released in Vinyl LP 12”

by IFB Records

Zeta on Audiotree Live (2017)

Digital Released

by Audiotree


recorded in Audiotree, Chicago, IL

L’Antiteoria del Todo (2016)

Released  LP Vinyl 10”

by Costa Records

Light And Noise (Mexico)
Rat Trap (Colombia)

artwork by: IV (Juan Ricardo Yilo)

Zeta w Chris Pyrate: Slingshot EP (2017)

Feat. Bleu Bird

Released CD

by Costa Records & Ahumanfly (USA)

artwork by: Chris Pyrate

En Medio de la Tormenta (2014)

Released CD by

Costa Records

& Sin Fronteras Discos (Colombia)

artwork by: IV (Juan Ricardo Yilo)

Explosion del Cosmos del Alma (2013)

Released CD & Cassette by

Costa Records

Sin Fronteras Discos (Colombia)
La Flor Records (Peru)
Lxs Grises (Mexico)

artwork by: IV (Juan Ricardo Yilo)

Las Nuevas Tendencias (2012)
Released CD by Zeta & Waipea Records

Cassette by Jeremy Records (Gainesville,FL)

Artwork by: Sonny Kay

Weededge Zeta / Volver Split (2013)

Released CD & Cassette by Costa Records &

Bajo Presion Records (Guatemala)

Artwork by: Luiso Ponce

Vivimos Por Esto Zeta / Whites Split (2015)
Released Cassette & CD by

Costa Records & Whites

Artwork by: IV (Juan Ricardo Yilo)

Yo el Peor de Todos “Singles” (2013)

Released Cassette by

The Return Records (Colombia)

Artwork by: David Sic

Las Nuevas Tendencias (2012)

Released CD by Zeta & Waipea Records

Cassette by Jeremy Records (Gainesville,FL)

artwork by: Sonny Kay



Haedo (2010)

Released CD by
Zeta & Waipea Records

Artwork by: Sonny Kay

Voces del Nuevo Continente Zeta / NSM Split (2013)

Released CD & Cassette by

Costa Records y Light And Noise Records (Mexico)


Live @ Emancipateurself (2011)
Released CD & DVD by

Zeta & Growseros Films

Artwork by: IV (Juan Ricardo Yilo)

Jupiter Espérame “Singles” (2009) 

Released Cassette

by Zeta

Artwork by: Juan Penk


The collective Zeta has had the opportunity to participate in various projects with recognized artists such as Sonny Kay (Sargent House Records, The Mars Volta, 311) who served as creative director for various album covers, Brian “Big Bass” Gardner (Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Beastie Boys) who helped with mastering, Marcel Fernandez (Waipea Records, Robert Lang Studios, Foo Fighters) who assisted in production and mixing, Chris Pyrate (D.C. Comics/ Muralist/ Songwriter Artist) and Bleu Bird (Ft Lauderdale Rapper and Sogwriter) in the production of an experimental jazz/hip hop Album they released all together called "Slingshot EP"; and several clothing design, touring artwork and photo projects with artist such as Brian Butler (a American artist known for working in/with The Upperhand Art, Vans, Wu-Tang Clan, and more), CACH (Colombian Street Artist / Alumine / Corriendo), Juan Penk (Venezuelan Artist / Joliette / Anti - Kult), Bernardo Mancebo (Mexican Photographer/Productor known for working with Light & Noise, Rarara films making photo and video footage for artist such as Converge / Bad Brains / Toe ), Isabella Madrid (Colombian Photographer), Flores Solano (Venezuelan Artist), Erick Lara (Mexican Artist), and more.


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San Jose, Costa Rica @ Destiny Fest 3 presents: Comeback Kid (05.18.2008)

Valencia, Venezuela @ Valencia Off Road Fest: Tarima Extrema (04.24.2010)

Caracas, Venezuela @ Aleindigo Prod. Presenta: Bring Me The Horizon (10.09.2011)

Cordoba, Argentina @ Arboleda Fest by Arboles en llamas / La Belle Epoque (09.15.2012)

Tepotzotlan, Pueblo Magico, Mexico @ Imagina Post Rock Festival (11.17.2012)

CD. Mexico, Mexico @ Festival lxs grises Vol. 1 (11.30.2012)

Bogota, Colombia @ Sin Fronteras Discos Presenta: We Ride (10.06.2013)

CD. Mexico, Mexico @ Lxs Grises Presentan: Loma Prieta (10.19.2013)

Carcas, Plaza Brion, Venezuela @ Union Rock Show Awards (11.10.2013)

Barcelona, Venezuela @ Festival En La Costa Vol. 1 (04.20.2014)

Tijuana, Mexico @ Festival Polis & Ratas Fest III (10.18.2015)

Gainesville, FL, USA @ The Fest FL 14: Loosey's Stage (11.01.2015)

Gainesville, FL, USA @ The Saddest Landscape, Frameworks, Vattnet Viskar & Zeta at Loosey's (12.08.2015)

Tijuana, Mexico @ Tijuana Zine Fest (07.23.2016)

Miami, FL, USA @ Breakeven & Speedfreek presents: Trash Talk & Antwon US Tour (11.08.2016)

Guayaquil, Ecuador @ Fediscos Estudios: Zeta, Camila Terán & Ricardo Pita (11.27.2016)

Miami, Fl, USA @ 305 Fest (12.16.2016)

Panama City, FL, USA @ Plug Uglies & A&M theater : Winter Fest (12.17.2016)

Austin, TX, USA @ SXSW Music Festival: showcase at Speakeasy (03.17.2017)

Los Angeles, CA, USA @ The Vipper Room (04.03.2017)

Chicago, IL, USA @ The Subterranean (04.23.2017)

Chicago, IL, USA @ Zeta on Audiotree Live (04.24.2017)

Brooklyn, NY, USA @ Brooklyn Bazaar (04.26.2017)

Seattle, WA, USA @ Hemp Fest: Cavigold's Stage (08.17.2017)

Tallahassee, FL, USA @ Rotten Fest 3: The Bark (09.02.2017)

Orlando, FL, USA @ Pulp Music Festival 2017: Will's Pub (09.03.2017)

Margate, FL, USA @ Touché Amoré / Single Mothers / Gouge Away US Fall Tour 2017 (09.23.2017)

Colorado Springs, CO @ 71 Grind Fest IV (07.08.2018)

Philadelphia, PA, USA @ Birds In Row / Portrayal Of Guilt / Soul Glo & Zeta at Kung Fu Necktie (08.02.2018)

Gainesville, FL, USA @ The Fest FL 17: Zeta “Magia Infinita” Record Release Party at The Wooly Downtown (10.28.2018)




Zeta “Magia Infinita LP” Record Release Party

Gainesville, FL, USA @ The Fest FL 17: The Wooly Downtown Stage (10.28.18)

assistance while playing: 400 people

Featured artist: Gillian Carter, Night Witch, Mock Orange, & more... “Fest 17 Recap PT. 1”


CD. Mexico, Mexico @ Multiforo Alicia Presenta: Totem Tour (10.02.2015)

assistance: 311 people

Featured artists: Joliette, Tenemos Explosivos, Life In Vacumm, Desnudos En Coma "aqui no hubo escena..."


Bogota, Colombia @ L'Antiteoria Tour: El Chango Bar (05.28.2016)

assistance: 400 people (max. capacity)

Featured artists: Whites, Montaña


Cali, Colombia @ Festival Calibre (11.12.2016)

assistance: 450 people

Featured artist: Llevarte a Marte, Joliette... "este fin de semana..."


Lecheria, Venezuela @ Festival En La Costa Vol. 2 (04.20.2014)

assistance: 815 people (max. capacity)

Featured artist: Son Zion, Wannamaker, Amordazados, & more... "Festival en la costa vol 2 en lecheria..."


Gainesville, FL, USA @ The Fest FL 16: The Atlantic stage (10.29.2017)

assistance: (max. capacity) 250 people

Featured artist: Soul Glo, Post Teens, Gouge Away, Sharptooth, & more... "16 bands to see at fest 16"


Colorado Springs, CO, USA @ 71 Grind Fest IV: Black Sheep Main Stage (07.08.2018)

assitance while playing: 300 people

featured artist: Bleu Bird, Transient w/ Bastard Noise, Mizmor, Portrayal of Guilt, Closet Witch “71 Grind Festival Announces Full 2018 Lineup”